I was born highly sensitive and with intense emotions. I am a very passionate person. This blog is about my experiences of trying to heal and come to terms with having lived “shame bound” ( John Bradshaw) and with many ongoing health problems. I write often about trauma, beauty/art, my struggles with faith and physical and emotional pain. If you are recovering from pain, in pain or just simply lost in a sea of life– you may like my blog.



  1. Hi,
    I commend you for bringing light to this issue that has affected you and sharing with everyone the difficulties an challenges you face I think that is extremely brave of you.So here is to you for your honesty and initiative to bring not only awareness but also reassurance to others affected.

    • Thank you so much for this post, it encouraged me greatly. 🙂 I have also been helped in blogging, the connection it brings continues to inspire me in this journey. Once again, thank you for this kind post!

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