The Return of the Feminine Divine… Energies and Higher Healing….

this is such a beautiful post. and the picture at the very bottom melted me. It think that picture shows what men and women truly are. I love the description of the Black Magi having infiltrated this world. That feels right to my soul. That bottom picture I feel shows the TRUE essence of men and women. Look at how he is holding her, shes so safe, he adores her, she is his! She is as close as his own soul!!!!!!….look how she is receiving him, there is nothing that will stop her love, she wants to melt in him forever, eternal, can you say ETERNAL…!!!!!

its so true.

Judith Kusel

The Mother of all… and receiver, the birther and ultimately the greatest energy source of all is now returning to this planet in full force…

In the very beginning she reigned on this planet… and all her creatures lived in harmony and they were happy and content…. They honoured her in the forests and trees, in the cyclic nature of the turning seasons and tides….

They honoured her sacred oak groves and those sacred energy places of this planet, which reconnected them with the Feminine Divine… the Mother of all Creation… the Great Mother, who in one moment of utter and complete union with the Father of All, in ecstasy and bliss that only perfect union expresses, she gave birth to the galaxy and stars, and most of all of all life and life forms, visible and invisible…

In those days the women held the offices of the nurturers, the…

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