Life is Evil. People are Good.

Triggers: A post on Antinatlism, which subscribes a negative value to birth. Think of the phrase, “I wish I had never been born”. So its a darker post, alot alot of pain, and understanding of the horrors in existence. Read with caution. This post is meant to validate and comfort, not harm.


I dont fit well, in any label. In fact, I cant be labeled.No one understands me enough to describe me- except for maybe the label Indigo. Thats me 100%.

But I suscribe to antinatalism, and have for a year before even hearing what it was( maybe longer really), as I decided about a year ago I would not bring kids into this evil world, full of horror. Now, recently, I learned about something called antinatalism and I see others feel like me.

I do not believe life as it is, is good ( maybe one day it will be more good, but for now and throughout history, i feel it is more evil). I believe life is more evil than good- that is basically antinatalism, seeing life as more evil and trying to reduce the experiences of horror.

I do not think anyone should be told what they can or cannot do. If you want to have kids, have kids. But i think people are not given proper information about the reality of suffering in the world, because life itself is very deceitful. Life seems to be safe, and as if it will protect you, but it will not.

I will write more about this soon.

Its a very painful subject for me, but one I feel very very close to. Not everything i read on antinatalism do I suscribe to, but ultimately I think its a very compassionate, actually SEEING the pain and horror of existence. Ive found no religion, no spirtuality, no humanist movement, that seemed to explain it or see it so clearly.  Its comforted me to know, others see and understand how cruel and horrific life can be.

I used to want kids, when i was in early high school. I used to want to be married, I used to think good things would come from life. Now I do not want those things, nor do I trust life. In fact, I want to be rid of life and its horrors.

I realize writing on Antinatalism will be tricky, but I feel it will help those who are hurting like me, where they see clearly and have experienced clearly, being tortured to a place of ruin by life. These post are ultimately for them, with the purpose of comforting them, not to harm them. I want to comfort those who are traumatized by life. You are not alone. I love and understand you.

More post on this to come.


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