Victim Blaming: Adam and Eve

This society blames victims. It even shames the word ‘victim’ like there is no such thing.

Sadly, I think victim blaming comes from the Garden of Eden.

So the story goes…
Eve was manipulated, seduced and conned by the devil in the disguise of a snake. She was emotionally raped. Then Adam was emotionally raped because Adam and Eve were deeply connected in the garden, and what was hers-was his.

Then when god appears they are afraid and ashamed -implying God is disproving and shamming them! And indeed he his!
He victim blames them.
He punishes them for being manipulated into going against his will.
He punishes them with pain of work and birthing pain.
God shames the two victims of a great manipulator.
This is not okay, nor is it love.
This is not a god that does anything to my heart. Blah -I say to that god.

I feel Jesus represented a true God. He didnt blame any of the miserable people he sought after and befriended. He loved the victims and UNDERSTOOD, not shamed.


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