Christian Fundamentalism as Emotional Rape

Christian fundamentalism, to me and and many others who see the cruelty of it recognize it for what it is. Emotional Rape.

Christian fundamentalism destroys lives.

From the insane spiritual terrorism of the constant threat of “eternal hell” for any mistakes or sins

To the emotional deadness it causes.

Christian fundamentalism ignores emotions, reality, experiences. There is no recognition of the reality of CHAOS in every day life, because God is seen as a God of perfect order( is starvation, natural disasters and a horrible life perfect order? FUCK NO!)
So people like me who have experienced almost constant chaos of loss, suffering, meaningless trauma of health and severe misery– there is NO understanding of this in the Christian fundamentalist Church.

The Book of Job is considered the ‘how to guide’ for suffering. I found this book cruel and horrific. The ‘god’ in that book is a sadist. He sets up Job’s suffering for a mere test to the devil to prove Jobs devotion. That within itself is sadistic. No more is needed for that god to classify as a sadist. But there is more! Over and over God allows a worse suffering, over and over until Job crumbles and wishes he was never born.
Then Gods answer is basically that he can do anything because he is so powerful and made all the might-est of the creatures. Damn, if this is not the beginning to a terrible story I dont know what is.

No wonder I feel emotionally rapped!

No wonder this society is so fucking damaged!
The god of Christian fundamentalist is a violent, power hungry, emotional and spiritual rapist.

I think ive been waiting since I was a CHILD to say that.


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