I’m Done with Christianity

I’m done with Christianity.
I broke down today and two days ago about the suffering in my life and in the world.

I have tried to recover a love for Jesus but I can not separate him from the Insane hell doctrine.

Jesus and the Bible God to me are now only torturers and though I think Jesus was well meaning, in attempting to bring light and love into the world, he has also brought trauma with the harsh imagery of fire and hell in the Bible. Ive also been traumatIzed by reading of “Victim Souls’ who suffer all that intense pain for him, supposedly to save others from hell.

This doctrine has destroyed many and brought much pain and destructIon in my life. I’m done with the abuse.

I’m over it.


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  1. Someone told me that I had to go through the darkness to get to the light and through the darkness I questioned Jesus and he even seemed to be part of the darkness. Once through the dark place and battling my fears I saw him differently and I was able to choose Him again, freely! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

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