God is not faithful

It is hard to write, but I feel no need to be indirect.
I write this for all those who went and are going through life wondering why God has not helped them in such dark years, lifetimes of pain. This is for everyone who died with deep shame that God did not heal their sickness. This is for every scared and mourning human who did not feel any comfort from God, no hand wiping away their tears.
This is for those who have experienced horrors, accidents, torture and feel ashamed because they were told God is always faithful, always helps, comforts or saves.

God is not faithful.

Faithful means reliable and constant.

I read something today about how it is ignoring reality to say God is always faithful. The world is full of horror, many are not rescued by God.

I have grappled with the idea that God Is good and evil, but I can’t seem to come to peace with him as being part evil. I think he’s completely good, with no evil in him. But I think He is very limited In how hIs power manIfests on earth.
Reading that God is not faithful peirced my soul and I felt some of my deep and painful shame leave me. I realized I was not lesser or worthless because God had not healed, protected or comforted me. I felt some rage and sadness over all the years I was tormented by this idea. The sadness I now feel is releasing old poIson.

God is not faithful, though because He is good I think He wishes He was.


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