God and Abandonment

I have deep very painful feelings of abandonment from God. I already know I’m not alone, as I’ve met men and women who feel the same.

I can make no sense of the suffering Ive witnessed.and experienced. There is no ” sense” behind it.

The Hell doctrine and cruelty In the BIble has traumatized me from trusting the Masculine Divine in the Bible, Jesus or even angels- because I associate angels with the Bible.

I feel sad today but the cruelty of my experience is that I have become numb to my deep sadness.

I wish my family wasn’t going through this terror. I love them.

Quan Yin is with me. I know She will do all She can to help me.

The Compassion of Quan Yin is powerful. She sees my suffering and cares about my pain. She gives me the light of endless Mercy.


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