Unbalance: Good and Evil in the Heavens

I do not believe mankind is to blame for the horror in the world. I believe mankind and nature suffer because of unbalance in the spiritual world.

I believe God is unbalanced, having separated from His feminine aspects, namely compassion. I feel God has become, and has been for a very long time, abandoning, harsh, cruel, I feel he is even suffering from evil inside himself.

Beth Green expressed it perfectly in her articles and the synopsis of her book “Healing God”, which I hope to buy and read soon.

I resisted at first the idea that God was both good and evil, that He was suffering sickness. I found It unbearble to be In a sIck body, sIck world and have a sIck God who was not even all good. I found It mentally unbearable.

HavIng found Quan YIn and to know there were energIes who were all good and who desIred to heal the suffering has allowed me to look at God agaIn.
Now I can see no other way to explain or heal my own pain and the pain of the earth but to accept God is wounded.

I have blamed myself for things I have no control over, believed God was punishing me with sickness or teaching me lessons through misery for many many years, over ten years, I have been traumatized by the perfect, all powerful, all knowing God who allows pain for growth and gets pleasure from animal and human sacrifice.

I admire and draw on the goodness of saints, like Cyrus, of who I am fond, but I will never accept martrydom as something good. It hurts me that so many beautiful souls thought to be torn apart, burned alive, tormented with tools and horrendous suffering were pleasing to God or helped to advance the spiritual world.

There is something wrong with this world

And to continue to blame humans is to destroy humans with shame that is not ours.

If there is so much so obviously wrong in the world

Then, as below, above

There is something terribly wrong with God

I can ignore it no longer

I can not allow my fear of having a God who is sick with spiritual wounds of his own scare me into silence. It is terrifying for me to accept that God is not someone I can rest in because He is bleeding with his own sickness, infected with HIs own hell

There is something wrong with God

Quan Yin, the supressed Feminine Divine energy of Compassion is helping me to be brave- and to see the darkness as it is.
I have only been able to accept that God is suffering and wounded because I have Her to comfort me as I look the great terror of this realization in the face.
Without Her, I’d have to ignore the realization away.

She reminds me that all is not Darkness.


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