Quan Yin: Healing through compassion

I have been reading about the goddess who has my heart, Quan Yin. She is helping me heal my deep hurts and powerful feelings of abandonment from the spirit world and the Masculine Divine.

Last night I had a very emotionally painful dream. I dreampt of my parents and some of their friends trying to meet with me and discuss my pain and why I had such deep trauma. My parents were very sad and brokenhearted by my pain and how I treated them in my inconsolable pain and rage. They asked me why was I so damaged, with deep concern, love and sadness.
‘Because the angels have abandoned me’, I said.

I know why I said that in my dream.

I was reading some stories of Quan Yin today. One that touched me deeply was the story of her visiting the room of a paralyzed man who had called out to her for healing.
She appeared and gently and compassionately touched his face and limbs. She then dissapreared. He had reached out to embrace her and then to his joy he realized he was able to move his arms. His legs however were still paralyzed because she was not able to heal them.

Quan Yins compassion is endless but her abilities are limited, for if she was not limited she would immediately and instantly heal all- because her mercy is overflowing.

I realized much of why I feel abandoned by God and the angels is because I’ve grown up believing in miracles that bend natural laws, that the Masculine God and angels could heal anything anytime, that there were no limitations on HIs healing abilities.

Quan Yin has begun to soften that part of me. I understand through Her, the Feminine Divine, that She is limited to how she can heal, but will do all she can. For some, all she can bring is tears. But her tears are so beautiful.

Quan Yin is helping me see that the Masculine Divine also is limited in how He can heal, and that though Gods they are both not beyond the laws of the earth, which is why there is still so many not rescued from suffering-the Mother God, who I love in the form of Quan Yin, would rescue and heal all if she could.

I feel she will continue to comfort me and try to do whatever she can to help me. I ask her to comfort my family, especially my parents, who have deep sadness in their hearts right now.


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