Quan Yin: Goddess of Mercy

The past couple of days in reading the wonderful book of a indigo who also took the time to write creative help to me over email, I came to find Goddesses I could call on for help.
Growing up as a Christian Fundamentalist I had no concept of a Goddess or feminine divine.

In my deep pain and despair I was driven to reach out to some of the Goddess in the book.
Quan Yin is a Goddess that met me with the most compassionate energy I have ever experienced. As I read more about her I understood she Is a maninfestation of the feminine divine; deep feeling, endlessly merciful, compasisionate,all forgiving and loving. She desires to protect and heal all.

I realized that I did not feel overpowered by a push for constant perfect action and to endure any suffering despite my anguish like I felt when praying to God or Jesus from the Bible. The focus on suffering and sacrifice of the body and mind at all cost present in the Bible became unbearable in the last two years of my sickness. With the feminine and very gentle spirit of Quan Yin I felt comforted.

She is the Goddess that has my heart now.

Interestingly there is some similarity to both Jesus and Mary within Quan Yin, but without the fear or shame that I have unfortunately experienced as a deep part of Christian fundamentalism.

Quan Yin also in some descriptions was once a man. As a man, Quan Yin was deeply compassionate too but became overwhelmed by the endless sea of suffering that came just as he healed one, another injured one would need healing and he could see no way to save all from the pain. His mind broke into peices which I interpreted as him going insane. This story touched me deeply because of the depth of his loss and compassion.
In the story he is remade into a woman, who once again is compeled to stop all the suffering she can and to give limitless mercy and compasion to every living thing.

I love the story of Quan Yin and her energy. I like that she was once a man, as her energy can be seen as androgynous. Both the masculine and feminine divine are important, but the femInIne dIvIne has been shunned, hIdden, mIsunderstood and Ignored. I know in my soul I have needed the compassionate energy of the feminine divine for a very long time…
The feminine divine resonates with me deeply and I am glad to have found Her.


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