An Indigo Path

I was in contact with an Indigo healer the past couple of days as I read more books on the Indigo aura person, of which I am one.
She had great widsom and magical beauty to all her words.
Though my awakening path has been a very dark one, she brought light and spark to me, giving me creative ways of healing which has put me back in touch with my own creative power.

I am starting to remember things about myself when I was a child, particularly my inclination toward thinking of otherworldly beings like angels and mer, as well as a deep desire to heal others. I was dissatisfied and disturbed by life as I saw it even as a child, it was too harsh for me so I felt safer in stories, art and imagination.
I still feel safer in stories.
I now am seeing what was a childs inclination toward fantasy was also something beautiful.
I once was told, not long ago, my stories had a magical quality to them by a classmate. I hope to one day heal others through my fiction writings.

I am on a path that is scary and dark but I don’t have any other options right now.

I know as an indigo, a spiritual warrior, I will see darkness, warriors always do. But I also know I’m very strong, and was made that way- and that even if I can’t make it through, the Goddess will comfort me at my journeys end.

But right now, Its still one day at a time.


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