I Say No to Fundamentalism

Writing from phone

There is nothing benign about fundamentalism. I took in that poison all my life. I now say no to fundamentalism. I used to believe the Bible was the word of God. I do not believe that anymore. It is full of contradictions , hatred of women, violence, shaming of human feelings, pain and the natural world, glorification of suffering, torture and death, and more!

The fundamentalist Jesus and God have traumatized me. Neither can figure out if they want to love people forever or watch most of humanIty burn eternally in burning misery, begging for water or anything to stop the unbearable torture, faces contorted In agony , all the screamIng, the terror of the unending pain, all eternity, forever, ever and ever AND ever.

It makes me angry to think this cruelty is taught all over as love and that I even believed and shared it.

FundentaIism is insanity, period.


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