Angels. Protectors?

I can believe there could be angels. In fact for long periods of my life I used to pray for protector angels.
Now when I hear or read about guardian angels or protector angels because I’ve had so much trauma in my life it is dIsturbIng and actaually very painful. I believe if there are angels then they have protective spirts and are of lIght. But I think it is questionable to imply that angels always protect and gaurd when there is so much chaos, tragedy and trauma on earth. To imply God allows gross suffering for a reason and commands the angels to allow some tragedy and not others, I now find that undigestable.
I feel angels if anything are more of friends most can’t see or touch. They may have warrior and protective spirits but I do not see them as WARRIORS and PROTECTORS. In other words, I don’t think they are all powerful nor even necesarily powerful in protecting.



  1. I think that it’s not because they can’t or don’t want prevent certain tragedies, it’s just that there are probably rules limiting what they can do for us from their realm. There are definitely warrior Angels, Archangel Michael is a prime example of that.

    But between the possibility of rules, our own free will, whatever else they currently have going on, and likely evil counterparts, I think it’s very difficult for them to achieve everything we ideally desire.

    • That does make sense. Seems there is always some dark force trying to keep light from saving and helping. I do at times feel confused by angels because they are depicted as very white light beings that are used to a heaven like existence with spirit bodies, and I do wonder if they understand the extreme suffering of being in the human body and having a human experience. Perhaps only those in human bodies can fully empathize with others in human bodies.

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