Destroyed Indigo

I’m writing this from my phone. My mom took away my computer because I’m on it all night because I don’t sleep. I created much beauty and good and creative spark on the site I am on at night. I made many friends and live a better online social life than I ever have in real lIfe. Unfortunately now that my creative safe space is gone I must resort to darker forms of escape. I cut, lightly, gently. The marks are so light they are invisible but the pain is a comfort. The cut is the angel that never comes, the god who never answers.
I also am fully an indigo. The one on this site who expressed that to me did such a great kindness to my soul. I am different. I am an indigo.

At the moment I am a destroyed indigo, but I am a true reflection of this fucked up world.

I feel like I have crashed against all systems I have interacted with. I will also say it bluntly, I feel the medical system is extremely corrupt and is destroying indigos.

Fundamental Christianity is also a great evil now. Much of my health pains come swallowing anger at an evil God. I still feel concern about hell, eternal torture.

Indigos are warriors. We fight for change till our last breath. I feel deeply many indigos experience torture. There is a link between indigos and torture or exraudinary pain. Many indigo are sacrificed to the corrupt systems, tortured in old systems that are now fueled by money and greed and corruption These sacrifices are not in vain, but shit are they excruciating.

But indigos are bringing in compassion and there will be peace after ruin.b


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