Suffering Is Random

I think one of the most harmful things “Religion” does in trying to explain suffering is to give “reasons” for it. There are NO reasons for suffering, in my opinion. My opinion comes from years of suffering, and intense long term pain. My opinion also comes from observing nature and reading accounts of people who have suffered horribly.
Many people choose to accept others interpretation of meaning for their suffering, and that is fine. I would not fault those people because it is natural to use meaning to bring some sense of hope for oneself.

To me, suffering is 100% random. Religion( texts, articles, sermons) have aggressively told me it is because of my “sin”* ( as if suffering people are the only ones who have “sin” and that warrants their current torture), that God wants to use it for something, that it is “redemptive”, that it is a “gift” of love from God ( which would make him a complete sadist).

No. After being tormented by trying to figure out why I have had to suffer so much hell, and constantly feeling God was punishing me, and wanting to punish myself for being hated by God, and wanting to pluck myself off the earth since God hates me so much, I’m done with it. I’m done with abusive, though well meaning, answers.

In my opinion suffering is random. Just stand out in nature for a few days. Watch something small get eaten because its already wounded, or simply because its small. Is that creature bad? Is that an act of love from God? Is their leg being torn off by a larger creature and act of God’s love? Is the dead carcass of that animal a loving representation of God? NO! It is random suffering.

Because we are human we try and create some meaning. I have created bits of meaning for myself. FOR MYSELF. I refuse to accept handed down notions of other peoples meaning who know nothing of my life and experience. Some meaning I have found is that, there is no meaning to suffering. Another “meaning” I have created out of this innately meaningless suffering, is that it is important to be compassionate in the face of suffering.

* “Sin” is quoted because I feel it is a shaming and uncompassionate term for the reality of bad choices or destructive ways of humankind, a humankind that suffers from incredible collective pain.


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