Seeing Suffering: Musings on Religion, New Age Concepts and the Shaming of Suffering

* Could be extremely triggering for those with Spiritual or Religious abuse and those who self harm. *

I have been sorely triggered and tormented by many statements concerning the cause and meaning of suffering by both religious and new age concepts.

For someone who has been traumatized and torn apart by suffering, what they need is to be seen for the excruciating, unbearable hell they have endured. Instead, in my personal experience, what I have been met with commonly in religious and new age text and concepts are blame. Blame. Blame. Blame.

I already have blamed myself constantly for every mistake, and every suffering I have experienced. I am constantly tormented by the desire to self punish, that is how great my blame and shame already is ( that is why I have a blade sitting in my dresser drawer, as I battle the desire to cut myself)

I don’t need to be told that my suffering is caused by

*a curse someone put on me, that despite my praying to God for protection all my life somehow a curse just slipped through and devastated every part of my life under gods watchful eyes.

*a past life I lived and my suffering is deserved karma for past sins

*that God has orchestrated my nights and days of hell for a reason and can shut out my pleas and cries for as long as it takes, no matter what suffering and misery and pain my body, mind and soul endure

These are baffling means of explaining suffering. As someone who has taken many “classes” in severe suffering– these explanations have failed to give me any peace but instead have added to my stress and misery.

Think about it,

would you say any of these things to a torture victim who just was released from a dungeon and is recovering in a clinic with scars, disfigurement and shock of having come face to face with the unbearable. NO! No, that would not be told to that person because it would sound cruel.

Because it is cruel.

Lets find more compassionate ways of addressing each others pain.

I no longer claim myself as religious but I don’t even think Jesus would say any of those things to a person in pain. HE WOULD HEAL THEM.


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