Passionate Souls and Intense Suffering Part 1

I am sad to realize what I already know. As a sensitive person and person with strong emotions I realize that it is because of those traits that I suffer more.

Much of the allopathic health field does not take into understanding the sensitive body, or has no concept of it at all, which results in a great deal of invalidation, misunderstanding, as well as a lack of care. Even naturopathic doctors and health stores are not all aware of the reality of sensitive persons, which can result in injury from products deemed gentle for majority of people, but too powerful or even down right harmful for a sensitive.

Most all institutions( schools, hospitals etc.) are created for the majority. Particularly the medical system, does not study the sensitive body or mind and as a result I feel there have been many unspoken misunderstandings between a sensitive and the allopatic or naturopathic medical field that have had tragic results. I know I have experienced a ridiculous amount of this.

I will write more about the relationship between a passionate soul and intense suffering– because I believe there is a very strong relationship due to the way the world is and the lack of understanding about sensitivity, especially sensitives with intense emotions.



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