A Pleasant Call into A Help Line

Today I was stressed because though I am sleeping better and slightly earlier I am still very weak. I can’t even wash the dishes.

I have anxiety about getting in arguments with my family for things I cannot physically do right now.

I called into a help line today.

Mind you, the past few nights, I have been thinking about a character in my mind. A unique Persian name.

This is what writers and imaginatives do.

The character was empathetic and perhaps a helper type personality.

Today when I called the hotline, guess what the name of the person who answered the phone was.

The name of my character.

I was quiet for a moment.

We had a good talk. He was very careful and listened to me talk about the stress I am in.

He seemed to really grasp my sensitivity and feelings of being misunderstood. This calmed me intensely.

He told me in a kind voice that there are people who have struggled like me who no longer suffer this way.

It was the way he said it, I really believed him, and wondered if one of those people was him.

This was a nice unexpected help. It got to me.


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