Hormone Blood Test Today and Thoughts on Sensitivity and Life

It’s the second day of my period  and I am going to the doctors to get those test done recommended by the endocrinologist.

I have to eat something first.

I was thinking about something last night and today.

One  of my childhood celebrity crushes took their life this year. When I was a kid, something about his aura on the Disney show he was on just got to me. Not only was he beautiful but he seemed to have such a tender aura about him.

The more I have read about Lee Thompson Young I’ve come to feel that he may have been a highly sensitive person, as a friend described him as “too sensitive” for this world.

I was heartbroken when I found out he had taken his life.

Reflecting on this, I realized a lot of my struggles and that of other sensitive persons are that we may indeed be too sensitive for this world.

His eyes were extremely feeling and evocative and I sense he was in a lot pain.

His painful story reminded me to be compassionate on myself as best I can.


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