Adrenal Fatigue?

My parents went to a Christmas function the other day and my mom met a doctor who was both a pharmacist and naturopath there.

When mom came home she told me about adrenal fatigue something the woman had mentioned and gave me the doctors information.

I read about adrenal fatigue which I thought I understood but really didn’t. I had a naturopath tell me she believed my adrenals were very damaged early this year and gave me vitamins to take. The vitamins she gave me didn’t end my pain so I figured something else was wrong with me.

I was reading up on adrenal fatigue last night and I feel maybe, just maybe, its an answer. I of course don’t know and I don’t hope for anything anymore because in the past whenever I hoped I found a way to alleviate my pain I ended up suffering more.

I have been feeling pretty awful. Today I was shut down like a zombie without a morsel of energy and my head was spinning, so I was like just great, now I’m going to have a mental breakdown where I loose all consciousness of myself- just great– but it didn’t happen, though I always expect the worst these days. It could be also a symptom of whatever is going wrong with me physically. I get new awful symptoms every week it seems. Another recent one was the inability to control my eyes with ease. I have trouble controlling eye movements. My mom has mentioned she noticed this.

I am kind of numb, I’m used to falling apart.

But the adrenal fatigue information gave me great hope and then I suppressed the hope because I cannot expect rescue in case it doesn’t come. I’m on survival mode.

I’m trying to push my hormone test date up. They wanted to wait till my next period to do it but frankly I feel I cant wait to rule out the adrenal fatigue( which I’ve asked my doctor to add, hopefully he will).

Then I will try the saliva test for adrenal fatigue through the office of the doctor my mom met.

I’m trying to stay encouraged and believe this all has a purpose.







  1. Rachel, I certainly know the feelings you are describing of falling apart. What is the nature of the pain? Is it your muscles ache or the joints? I am suffering from Adrenal Fatigue and am on a healing journey that has been quite successful so far. I am also a nutritionist and have been looking into fatigue and related illnesses in particular for some time. Maybe I can help a little?

    • It is kind of you to share this with me. I am sorry you are suffering from adrenal fatigue.
      I am actually taking the saliva cortisol test today to find out if I have it.
      I have a host of horrific symptoms that it would take a very long time to list them all but one of them is a very poor sleep schedule. Since the begging of this year till last week I could only fall asleep at 4am and would sleep till 2pm. I have severe muscle pain and nerve pain. I have had memory loss, both long term and short term. I have difficultly with eye movement. Sometimes my skin is ice cold. I’ve had my lips turn blue. I have had heart pains to the point where I believe I’ve had a small stroke in my sleep. I have had breathing issues where I felt like I was breathing through straws and being slowly strangled. I have debilitating weakness where sometimes I can not walk to the kitchen in my house or walk up stairs. I can not concentrate well. I do not think easily. Every physical or emotional or thinking reaction requires extreme energy from my part. I have many times felt like I was going to go into physical shock, die in my sleep or have a stroke.
      These are just some of my symptoms. Many doctors and even loved ones do not fully understand the insane amount of physical pain and distress I’ve been through so ultimately I have suffered alone because my experience has gone unknown by those around me. I believe doctors and loved ones believe I am exaggerating my symptoms. I AM NOT.
      In fact, I daily play down all my symptoms and pains because I have learned that my symptoms are often implied to be mental by both doctors and loved ones and I find those comments impossibly painful and make me flat out devastated.
      I started working with a compound pharmacist/naturopath last week who believes I suffer from adrenal fatigue and is the one who set the test up for me and recommended the book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st stress syndrome by James Wilson which is very good and I have been adding his plan to my day and it has been helping my sleep but I am eager for the results of the saliva test so I can have some proof of my suffering so I no longer have to deal with not been understood in my pain.

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