Writing is Important

I do feel writing is important. I feel that these days I need it more than ever. I know I need to express myself as I often hold so much in.

Tonight and yesterday night I had more questions about suffering and just thinking about the concept of control. I have been critical toward myself in the past because I did not know how to handle traumatic events in my life. I am trying to realize I can not control everything, especially not random trauma, that that is not human, that all I can do is try my best to find answers and heal. I am still processing that it is okay to fail– that while perfectionism is pushed heavily in this world– it is not possible to perfect.

I will try to write every day as best I can because I feel it is important for my journey.

A photograph of a beach in Oregon I found online. Alaska and Oregon are two of my dream destinations.




  1. Lovely post and fantastic picture

    • Thank you Arran for reading and for your comment! šŸ™‚

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