Endocrinologist Visit

I actually had a very good visit to the endocrinologist. As my mom was driving me there I felt terrified. Last night I was very stressed out thinking about the visit. I tried to calm myself by visualizing exercises I’d been taught.

I just got off my period and felt very weak and was dreading the idea of blood work, mentally preparing myself for passing out, feeling the pain of the blood drawn, and the intense queasiness afterward.

Mom drove me and it was nice to have her there with me. I asked her to wait in the lobby for me.

I had met the doctor before and we got along well and today I really was suprised and pleased at how attentively he listened to me and how validating he was. He has no idea how it helped me to feel like an Allopathic doctor was on my side and listening to me.

He actually confirmed that he felt my symptoms were not endocrine related( which is exactly what I said I felt in my last post).

We talked about many issues and he listened and gave me much helpful information for my healing journey.
It was a great experience to be heard and listened to and I thanked him for that.

Mom was happy that my visit went well, I could see it in her face and eyes, which made me feel good too.

My spirit feels lifted by this event.



  1. beijaflor77

    Rachel, I’m so glad to hear the endocrinologist was supportive. It makes a difference, doesn’t it, when we feel like we’re actually being listened to?

    Hang in there! I hope you get to the bottom of everything and find relief.

    • Thanks so much April! Your words put a smile on my face đŸ™‚

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