Highly Sensitives and those with Intense Emotions are Some of the Most Misunderstood

It is sad to me how little understanding the medical field has about those who are highly sensitive and those who have intense emotions.

People are being destroyed because of a lack of doctors and counselors who understand that there are people born with uniquely highly sensitive nervous systems, emotional processing and emotional expression.

Historically intense emotional expression has been viewed as something shameful and a sign of mental illness. Think of the word “hysterical” which came from the notion that mental illness( what was in reality intense emotions) came from a woman’s womb.

There used to be pills specifically to stop tears.

Emotional women are often in the media openly referred to as “crazy.”

Emotional men are openly shamed by the media.


Emotions are beautiful,

a note to the world

stop trying to kill emotions, you are killing the healers of this world instead.



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