I Hope All Suffering Has a Purpose

I hope all suffering has a purpose…

when the broken person lives from a place of feeling worthless his/her whole life

I hope one day God will explain why He did not rescue him/her

When a person finds themselves injured, withered in pain from head to toe, a mind damaged, covered in sores, in scars.

I do not understand why God lets these things happen. My brain can not digest it. My brain, I believe, never will. My plea to God, is that none of this happens arbitrarily and purposely. I can not be at peace with any arbitrary destruction. I hope that those who have known destruction get a special measure of peace and blessing in the world after.

That person, who walks the street, lonely as death, unable to remember her own name, unable to remember what even brought her to that place, unable to ask for help, filled with shame, dying from disease, loosing her mind.

I hope there are invisible angels with those who are desolate.

He has seen trauma after trauma, imprisoned and tortured for years in a hidden cave for his faith. He can no longer see. His teeth have been kicked in. He cant walk.

He has escaped, he is free, but now life is an impossible journey.

Everyone says life is beautiful, that may be true, but for some it’s also unbearably torturous.

I hope God sees every part.



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