Intense Emotions, Shame Bound, Anger

Dr.Linehan did something beautiful for persons with intense emotions when she created DBT. I have used one of the self therapy books. I would not fully have understood myself and my intense emotions and what it meant to have them, and how “invalidation” impacts me, without her work. I am deeply grateful for her work.

When I met with a therapist and asked about BPD and she spoke to me about the DBT book she explained that there was a range, a continuum, and that not everyone that suffered as I’d expressed had BPD. She said many in the DBT classes she taught did not have BPD but had intense emotions and intense struggles with expressing needs and emotions.

I appreciated her explaining that to me, and I feel it needs to be said more, so that persons like myself who do not suffer from BPD but suffer immensely with shame and have intense emotions can be helped.

No one can help what they can not identify.


And on another point, personally I believe the concept of “shame bound” should be recognized for the truth it is in medical fields, counseling offices and anywhere that cares for human beings.


From the work on DBT/Dr. Linehan’s work, these are interpretations, trying to make sense of my

own journey…

For sensitives with intense emotions, they feel emotions more intensely and are very sensitive to shame.

Also, once a sensitive with intense emotions is shame bound( Bradshaw), he/she can feel something wrong is happening, powerlessness/

helplessness/ a loss of natural expression and we become angry. Anyone would be angry, its just the intense emotions cause more

intense anger.

That eventually leads to self destructiveness, hating oneself for being powerless and constantly hurt.

So on top of being shame bound and the inhuman suffering that brings, we with intense emotions can hurt ourselves through self denial and destructive choices.


If I had a picture to describe the pain of a shame bound sensitive/intense emotion person, it would be this one

In this painting the orange and red criss crosses are more disturbing the more i look at it. I actually have a physical reaction to this painting. I feel sick. But I also have a “knowing” about the trauma reflected. If you are feeling triggered or hurt because of this picture please be gentle with yourself and do not continue looking at the picture. It is very evocative and I myself can not look at it long but feel it is important to try and relay the pain as clearly as I can. Sometimes words cannot do that.

In this painting I see a horrific, warping, amount of pain and suffering, particularly inner pain.

This picture expresses the pain I write about in some ways much better than words.


Another note. In writing about BPD my desire is to be respectful toward the deep suffering of those with BPD. I want my blog to be a safe space for all hurting.



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